Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Welcome to The North Wing

It was with heavy hearts that we discovered last week that our beloved Padded cell forum would be closing its doors... but we inmates are not yet ready to be released back into the community so a few of use went exploring in the depths of the asylum and stumbled upon the long forgotten North Wing! It was a bit dusty up there and a definate fixer upper.. but the cell doors are solid, the padded walls are intact and we had the builders and interior designers in there getting it ready...

We opened to the public just under a week ago and it is already in full swing! We have all your favourite Challenges and games, and a few new tortures and treatments too!!

That's right.. the lunatics have taken over the Asylum... hope to see you there...

Managers : Gypsy, Tyger, Stu & Silkee
Super Duper Mod Squad - Lady Disney & MaDee

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