Monday, 25 January 2010

In Loving Memory

There is one less light shining from the cells at The North Wing.
We lost our beloved Matron on 16th January 2010 when she and her husband died in a tragic car accident. Those who knew Gypsy were honoured to have had their lives made just a little better for having known her. Gypsy was laid to rest last week under the old oak tree in her beloved meadow, sharing a handmade coffin with her beloved Terry.

We will light a candle in your cell sweet friend to light your way home!

Dear Angels up in heaven,
Show your "Welcome" sign today,
For a new Angel is calling,
Our Gypsy's on her way.

Her face is full of kindess,
She sparkles from her eyes,
She holds the gentlest of smiles,
Love from her heart does rise.

Shes very easily pleased you know,
Just give her PSP and supplies,
She'll make you beautiful tags and scraps,
To decorate the skies.

We loved her as our Matron,
But as equals she saw us,
And she'd tell a tale to make us laugh,
Our happiness was a must.

In times of need she'd come to us,
With Cuddles, Love and Care,
Or maybe she'd give us advice,
Whatever...She'd be there.

Please tell her she'll be greatly missed,
And thoughts are with her still,
She hasnt been forgotten,
Whats more she never will.

Find the softest pillow please,
To lay her head upon,
Place a kiss upon her cheek,
And tell her who its from.

And as the day is closing,
With the darkness of the night,
Please Angels whisper in her ear,
Gypsy... Love you...Goodnight.

Written by Cuddz

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  1. I keep coming back to read this and it's a litle sweeter each time.