Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Inmates have broken out of the Asylum!

I am super excited today!!! As many of you know, we've been real unhappy at the service provide by Aimoo for our PSP Forum "The North Wing" and we always had bigger and better plans for it. Matron Gypsy had a vision of a North Wing Website featuring tutorials, a store a forum and so much more. When Gypsy passed away in January the rest of the staff were determined to make that dream a reality! So I am super proud to announce that The North Wing Asylum id officially OPEN! (mind the dust, the construction team still have a few kinks to work out!!

To Celebrate the opening of the new site our Spring Break-out Blogtrain will be leaving HQ on Monday 12th April! So stop by and ride the train!

Oh.. and how about snagging our new forum blinkie? Courtesy of the lovely Lady Disney?

Special Thanks to Cupcake Sarah for our awesome flyer!

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