Monday, 12 July 2010

Christmas in July :- Treasure Trail!!!

OH-NO!!!!! Santa has a problem!!!! He didn't notice there was a hole in his sleigh, and as he flew around making his Christmas in July deliveries, he lost some gifts along the way! We found one of those gifts right here.. it landed just by the Asylum gates!

Download It HERE

We managed to piece together some information to help us follow his route and pick up some gifts along the way!! Can you help us solve the clues???

There are 10 stops along the way.. including this one! At each site/blog you will find a gift and a clue. Solve the clues and follow the treasure trail to the finish line (The North Wing Forum) where you will find instructions on how to claim your prize! You must have a list of all 10 stops on the route, so we know you travelled along them all!

For your first clue....

"One of the best things about the north wing is that we have drawn together such a wonderful TEAM of CREATIVE people. If only there was some way I could showcase some of thier tags and tutorials ?

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