Monday, 23 August 2010

Ready.. Set... TAG!

Over at The North Wing Asylum we are having an event just for Taggers!!!
Between Monday 23rd of August and Tuesday 31st August we are running The Tag Marathon! (you must join the forum to participate)

There are 26 tagging related tasks including making tags for members, themed challenges and snag tag challenges. You must complete each "mile" before moving onto the next.

The first to cross the finish line wins a $5 tube certificate and a $10 North Wing Scraps Voucher. We also have prizes for 2nd and 3rd place, a medal for each participant and "boobie" prizes for various acievements such as MOST TAGS MADE, SLOWEST RUNNER etc...

If you love making tags and snags then this is he event for you.
So get your running shoes on and head to the asylum today

already a member? et Set to TAG HERE

The North Wing
where the inmates run the asylum

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