Monday, 25 October 2010

Bewitched Blog Train Leaving the Station

Hallowe'en is just a week away and the crazy inmates of The North Wing Asylum are at it again!!!
To kick off our Hallowe'en Havoc Event in style we bring to you the "BEWITCHED BLOGTRAIN"
Becasue we are crazy we can't just do Hallowe'en in orange and black.. instead we went for a witches and wizards take on things! That way you can use them all year round!!!

The inmates have REALLY outdone themselves this time.. follow the train and you'll find not just scrapkits, but templates, frames, tubes AND Commercial use items!!!

Take a sneaky peek... shhhhhh!!!

Don't forget our inmates come from all over the globe, USA, Australia, Canada, Scotland, England .. I think one even classes herself as Martian!.. our body clocks are all outta whack, so if you stop by a station and get no goodies to snag, check back in a few hours once the wardens have prodded them awake!

Got your tickets....

Get ready to ride...

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